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Full Mix: 3x Pale/Lager, 2x Hazy IPA/Session/Stout cans.

Dark Mix: 6x Black IPA & 6x Session Stout cans.

Session Mix: 6x Hazy Session & 6x Session Stout cans.

Light Mix: 6x Hazy Session & 6x Pale Ale cans.

Hazy Mix: 6x Hazy Session & 6x Hazy IPA cans.

Traditional Mix: 6x Pale Ale & 6x Lager cans.

Black and Tan Mix: 6x Lager & 6x Session Stout cans.

Tiny Fish 375 Taster Pack.png


1x Hazy IPA, 1x Hazy Session, 1x Pale Ale and 1x Session Stout cans.

TinyBitEvil WEB.png


Available in 4 & 16 packs

A Tiny Bit Evil is an unfiltered IIPA, loaded with Nelson, Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Perfectly complimented with Verdant IPA yeast to give this beer a big bold fruity and bitter punch.

Collab brew with our friends at Beer No Evil!

LAGER - ABV 4.5%

Available in 4, 12 & 24 packs

Our Lager is in the style of an International Pale Lager and is another extremely approachable beer in our range. A crisp, light-bodied brew with a lovely golden hue. Add in a balanced malt sweetness, and a subtle hop bitterness and you have a super refreshing drop. Enough said.

Tiny Fish 375 Lager WEB.png
Tiny Fish 375 Hazy IPA Website.png


Available in 4, 12 & 24 packs

The big brother to our much loved Hazy Session, this Hazy IPA is a masterful blend of flavors and aromas that will transport your taste buds on a journey through a lush, juicy, hoppy paradise.


Available in 4, 12 & 24 packs

For dark beer lovers it's always dark beer season. Dip into lush chocolate and malt bready notes. Let your senses be awakened by the fresh, light bitterness of coffee roast. Treat yourself to the smooth, slight sweetness of our Session Stout. With a richness that doesn't offend the palate, this is a stout for any time.

Tiny Fish 375 Session Stout No BG2.png
Tiny Fish 375 Hazy Session No BG.png


Available in 4, 12 & 24 packs

Big bodied but at an enjoyably light 4.0%, this hazy brew is a real juicy one. Pouring with a white fluffy head, the punchy aroma of pineapple and citrus will keep you coming back for more.


Available in 4, 12 & 24 packs

There’s nothing tiny about this one. Tropical fruit and burnt toffee on the nose, with a slight nuttiness as you take your first sip. Dark roasty notes then linger alongside classic IPA pine and resin flavours, making you want to dive in again and again.

Tiny Fish 375 Black IPA No BG2.png
Tiny Fish 375 Pale Ale No BG2.png

PALE ALE -  ABV 4.5%

Available in 4, 12 & 24 packs

Be refreshed by this light and bright pale ale. Be transported by tropical aromas followed by a subtle malt backbone. A friendly and smashable sunny day beer.

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